Orangethorpe Avenue Bridge

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The city of Placentia have been working on the Orangethorpe overpass since June 2013 and it will be scheduled to finish in fall of 2016. The overall cost is 117.4 million dollars. When the project is completed, it will allow cars to cross over the railroad tracks, remove any delays, improve safety for the community, and eliminating the need for train to honk, mentioned the O.C. Bridges Transportation Authority.

“Construction of the Orangethorpe Avenue Overcrossing is underway and scheduled to be completed by fall 2016. Work is scheduled so that adjacent crossings are not closed to drivers at the same time, and OCTA is working to reduce the effects of construction on the community. Some night work is anticipated throughout the project,” stated O.C. Bridges Transportation Authority.

The community has expressed their mixed feelings about the new renovation.

“I think that the bridge project is great for traffic, and will definitely help with car vs train accidents. However, it is not great for the community that backs up to Orangethorpe, we now have a road going up and over our back yards,” mentioned Cinnamon Earl, an owner and residence of a house right behind Orangethorpe Avenue overview.

“The construction had also taken a toll on our home causing it to shift which is cracking walls, tile, block walls, and making doors offset. Also, all the homes that once had a nice view of the lake now have a view of traffic,” she added.