Kim Vs Kylie: Who Wore it Better?

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Ever Since Kylie Jenner turned 18 there has been thoughts that perhaps the 18 year old has stolen Kim’s style. Are the two sisters competing for spotlight? Who will win?

In early August Kim Kardashian took matters in her own hands by taking a picture in younger sister Kylie’s swimsuit and posting it on Instagram, according to This picture started the feud, Kylie then fired back at Kim. Kylie was spotted at the airport trying to pull off a long trench coat, as many may know Kim made the trench coat in style many years ago. Kim has been the queen of fashion but is Kylie in her way now?

Kylie also tried to pull off a black strapless crop top with a long black skirt, just like the outfit Kim had worn. The sisters also had both worn a gold belt around their dresses at the same award show last summer according to

“Kim and Kylie’s styles are so much similar and because of that it turns into a fashion war,” stated Kendall Jenner speaking on the sister fashion “battle.” Stay tuned if you want to see who will become the ultimate fashion queen.