DTLA US Bank Tower to get Glass Slide that Starts at the 70th Floor

Courtesy of scpr.com

Courtesy of scpr.com

People looking to take their fear of heights a new level can come to downtown Los Angeles this summer and lurch down a clear glass slide atop the tallest building west of the Mississippi by late June, reported cncb.com.

Customers would be able to glide down the clear glass slide from the 70th floor to the 69th floor’s observation deck. A ticket for the slide, located at the U.S. Bank Tower in Los Angeles, would cost $8, stated cnn.com.

“The slide was designed considering the load, the wind, and possible earthquake. There is a maintenance and inspection plan that reviews the slide and its components on an ongoing schedule. Operation of the slide will strictly be managed by the appointed management team and access will be severely restricted otherwise via customized lockable slide covers,” stated Jae a worker at the OEU Skyspace Press Team.

Portions of the downtown building have been undergoing a $50 million renovation, which means they will add on an new, two-floor observation deck. The SkySlide will connect down to the west of the Mississippi area, reported Curbed Los Angeles, according to fortune.com.

“OUE wanted to make the observation deck fun, unique, and exciting. Various ideas were discussed, but the Skyslide resonated most with the group. OUE honed in on this particular concept and never let go,”  added Jay.

“There will be nothing like it in the U.S.,” explained Lucy Rumantir, head of U.S. operations for the building owner OUE Limited of Singapore. “And that is just the reason for building this giant slide.”

“When you do something new in LA, you’ve got to be creative,” she stated, adding that there is many things already to see there. However, the building owners’ thinking goes that a wild slide through the sky might drive more adventurous people downtown rather than to the beaches, Disneyland and other additional attractions, according to cncb.com.