The Great White Shark is Being Threatened

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Hunters and Poachers are threatening the Great White Sharks. The Sharks are killed for their teeth and jaws which are sold to make a profit, reported


The Great White Shark has be on the threatened species list since 2014. There are some conservation efforts for these animals such as, Project Aware.  Poachers that kill more Great White Sharks than their allowed to they will have to pay a fine up to $40,000, according to “The only way to save these animals is to stop poaching,” stated Fish and Wildlife Service.


Over 400 million years old, the Great White Shark is the oldest shark breed in the world that is not extinct.  Scientists believe that Great White Sharks are the evolved form of the Megalodon Shark. A small Megalodon Shark could reach about 50 feet in length, whereas the largest Great White Shark is about 21 feet long, according to


The Great White Shark lives along the coast of the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. Great White are also known to have been in the Mediterranean Sea. They eat seals, fish, sea otters, other sharks, and turtles, reported