Reasons Why Cats Hate Water

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Ever wonder why your cat fights when it is bath time? Here are reasons that should satisfy your curiosity.

House cats do not like water because their owners raised them out of the elements since they were kittens, as stated in

Since cats are sensitive to odors, the scent of tap water chemicals may irritate cats, according to

“If your cat’s only exposure to water was being trapped in a downpour, forced into a flea bath or squirted as a disciplinary measure, it’s hardly surprising that they’re not fond of it,” stated

Additionally, wet fur weighs down cats, and if the whole cat is soaked, the cat will be uncomfortable, stated.

Also, since cats’ ancestors did not have much experience with water, adapting and evolving with water was not a necessity, reported

Since cats spend about half the time they are awake grooming, it is comprehensible that they do not like having their hard work ruined, as stated in