Don’t Eat The Rhubarb Leaves! “Healthy” Foods That Can Make you Sick


Natural is not always healthy in fact some fresh produce when eaten in large amounts or even eaten at all can cause serious health effects.  Be aware, they may be sitting in your kitchen right now awaiting to get eaten. “Some look deceiving, tricking us into thinking that it’s healthy when it is actually the opposite,” stated

Fruit Seeds: Apples, cherries, peaches, and apricots all have the same problem. Their seeds all have a hydrogen Cyanide called prussic acid which is extremely poisonous to humans. Make sure to take the seeds out before eating them explained

Rhubarb Leaves: You may have these growing in your yard at this moment, but make sure to never eat the leaves as it gives you serious illness. The leaves on the rhubarb contain an oxalic acid and that causes kidney stones. It will take 11 pounds of leaves to be in a fatal condition, but much less to make you seriously ill, according to

Almonds: They are a great source of fiber and good to snack on, but there is two types of almonds, the sweet and bitter almond. The sweet are the ones that we find in the supermarket and enjoy eating, but the bitter ones could be fatal for many of us. The bitter almonds contain large amounts of hydrogen cyanide which is a highly poisonous gas or volatile liquid which is not healthy for humans. If you eat 7-10 bitter almonds is fatal to kids, and can cause problems for adults, reported

Raw Honey: Many people enjoy honey, but make sure to not eat too much of raw honey. Raw honey contains grayanotoxin which is a group of closely related toxins. This will lead to weakness, vomiting, and excessive sweating. This all happens from about one tablespoon of raw honey, explained

Instead of eating these risky foods you should try and eat lemons, broccoli, and salmon. Next time you go in your kitchen be careful on what you eat and how much you eat of it.