Polar Bears Nearing Extinction

photo Courtesy of  defenders.org

photo Courtesy of defenders.org

Approximately 15 Polar Bears die every year due to global warming and 300 to 500 are killed by native hunters. As a result polar bears have become endangered with possible extinction in their future, reported worldwildlife.org. “The future does not look bright for polar bears,” stated prime.peta.org.

Global warming is when the temperature is starting to get warmer in the air with ice and wildlife, and is melting the habitats of animals. Polar Bears are getting suck on ice blocks in the middle of the ocean, they either starve or they try to swim and drown, according to worldwildlife.org.

The fine for killing a Polar bear can be up to 25,000 dollars and up to four years in prison. Canadian authority’s up racked up 80,000 dollars from a man killing three Polar Bears in 2013, according to polarbears.org.

The Polar Bear mostly feeds on ringed seals and bearded seals. They are also know to eat fish, birds, and eggs. The Polar bear lives in the ice caps of Alaska and Antarctica, reported defenders.org.

A male Polar Bear can weigh up to 900 pounds whereas a female can weigh up to 600 pounds. The Polar Bear can be five feet tall on all four legs or on hind legs can be eight feet tall, according to animalfactguide.com.

You can find Polar Bears also in zoos across the United States such as The San Diego Zoo and The Baltimore Zoo, according to nationalzoo.org.