Does Your Brain Subconsciously Agree With Trump’s Views?


Sam Barnett, Founder and CEO of SBB Research Group, did a study involving an equal amount of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents  to see where their brain waves were going so they could try to figure out what compels someone to feel similarly to the 2016 Presidential candidates about certain topics.

At first,Barnett noticed  that the data was generally stable with all three groups when watching one of the debates including Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Bernie Sanders. However, shortly after starting to watch the debate, he noticed that there was one concept all of the volunteers’ brains could agree on based on what the chart looked like… Donald Trump.

When Trump appeared on the screen the red line, which represented Trump, on the charts skyrocketed with positive feedback for all three groups of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. The question you’re probably thinking is, why?

Well, Barnett’s project involved a neuroscience experiment, so the volunteers had to wear a specially-modified cap that monitored their brain waves. For some reason, “hearing Trump’s voice, seeing Trump’s face, lights up the brain,” Barnett discovered.

“The fact that you can make everyone feel, at least on a neurol, kind of fundamental basis the same way, is very interesting because they might consciously disagree with it, but something in their brain is thinking differently when they listen to Trump in the debate,” CNNMoney’s Brian Stelter shared while visiting the Ph.D. student at his lab outside Chicago.