Sharks Found Living Inside an Active Volcano

When a National Geographic team dropped an 80-pound camera into an active volcano beneath the South Pacific Ocean, they expected to see unique geology and hydrothermal activity. What they didn’t necessarily expect to see where sharks living inside an active volcano 9 months ago, stated

When a team of scientists newly sent down camera-equipped robots that weighed 80 pounds, they are not only found animals remaining in and around the volcano. They located a shocking amount of biodiversity, including silky sharks, hammerhead sharks and the sparsely spotted Pacific sleeper shark, which has recently been caught on video just twice, wrote

“The volcano wasn’t erupting when Phillips’ team arrived, meaning it was safe to drop an 80-pound camera into the water to take a look around. After about an hour of recording, the team fished the camera out and watched the video,” stated

Concerned about activity from the volcano, the expedition members only left the camera in the hot, acidic water around the volcano for about an hour. But in that short time, they spotted scalloped hammerhead sharks, silky sharks and a sixgill stingray, reported Huffington Post.

“One of the videos from inside the main caldera of Kavachi shows some jellyfish hanging out,” team leader and ocean engineer Brennan Phillips said in the comments below the video.

On the same expedition, the team located a shark species known as the sleeper shark about 12 miles from the coast of Kavachi. The shark is normally found in the northern Atlantic and Pacific or farther south near. Australia and Antarctica.This particular shark has never been spotted around the Solomon Islands, according to Huffington Post.