Climate Change is Affecting Your Travel


New research shows that climate change could have an impact on westbound transatlantic flights. This is making them longer and could lead to higher airline fuel costs, according to

“Climate change is increasing the speed of the jet stream, a strong high-altitude wind that blows west to east across the Atlantic,” stated

A previous study proved that climate change is likely to increase turbulence. This new study explains how atmospheric winds would change because of the atmospheric CO2 doubling, according to

Jet stream is affected by the temperature difference at high altitudes. Satellite measurements have proven that the climate change is affecting the temperature, explains

If return flight times get longer, this could add 2,000 hours to flight times every year as well as an extra 7.2 million gallons of fuel, the study showed, according to

Pilots can get from the US to Europe more quickly by being able to handle the jet stream, but have a difficulty returning from the journey, which takes an hour longer, explains

Flights from London will likely take over seven hours, but the flights from New York will be more likely to take under five hours and 20 minutes, explains