The South China Tiger is Near Extinct

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Approximately 4,000 South China Tigers left today due to buildings being built in the habitat, reported “The only way to save these animals is to stop building in their habitat,” stated the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS).

About 2,400 south China Tigers out in the wild and 1,600 in zoos.  Most South China Tigers live in zoos because their habitat has been destroyed by buildings, according to

Some conservation rights for these animals such as “Save the Tigers” makes it illegal to hunt South China Tigers.  A poacher that is caught killing a South China Tiger can have a fee of $18,500 and four years in prison, according to

The South China Tiger lives in the southern region of China because it is warm and it most of its prey lives in the southern region.  South China Tigers mostly eat deer, wild pigs, water buffalo, and antelope. They are also known to hunt sloths, dogs, leopard, pythons, and monkeys, according to

You can find the South China Tiger in the United States Zoos such as the San Diego Zoo, reported

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