The Mountain Gorilla is Critically Endangered

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Approximately 790 Mountain Gorilla left in the world today. The Mountain Gorilla is mostly endangered because of poaching, civil wars, and habitat destruction, reported


“The only way to protect this animal is to stop poachers,” stated Dr. Dian Fossey wild life expert. Poachers kill Mountain Gorilla hoping to get rich off their valuable fur, according to The civil wars in Africa have also caused many Mountain Gorilla deaths, because, the gorilla get caught in the crossfire.

The current conservation effort called “Save Our Gorillas” have stopped many poachers from kill these animals. The fine for killing a Mountain Gorilla can be between 500 to 750 dollars and up to four months in prison, according to


The Mountain Gorilla are native to Congo, Uganda, Rwanda and the mountain region of the Dominican Republic of Congo. They can weigh up to 400 pounds and be four to six feet tall, They eat bamboo, bedstraw, stinging nettles, and certain kinds of fruit.


The Mountain Gorillas can be found in zoos in the United States of America such as the San Diego Zoo, according to