Morgan Hill Lawsuit “Opt out Form” Available on PYLUSD

Photo Courtesy of Abdul Nasir

Photo Courtesy of Abdul Nasir

Parents can opt out from not letting their student information.

Parents of special ed student will be able to download and send in an opt out form to not have their student’s personal information released to the public as a result of judge’s order in the Morgan Hill Lawsuit, according to the PYLUSD Superintendent Dr. Domene, in a press conference with Matador Messenger on February eight  .

“In my opinion this is a very ridiculous idea”, stated the Dr. Domene in regards of the mass releasing of student information. Not all students records are going to be requested. The records are only going to be released to their attorneys. “They aren’t going to be releasing social security numbers. Students don’t have social security numbers, only their student ID numbers are going to be released” stated, Dr. Domene.

In order for your information not to be released you need to download a form from the You will need to fill out the form and send it in to PYLUSD. “ We are not releasing these records the California Education Department are being forced to release student personal information”, stated Dr. Domene.

About two weeks ago the California Education department was sued by parents.So the California schools will be releasing all student information including:addresses, test scores, disciplinary records, health and mental health records and more. There is another way to prevent your student data be released. You can contact Sharon Noguchi at 408-271-3775, according to