A Local Family Owned and Operated Furniture Company  

A Local Family Owned and Operated Furniture Company  

courtesy of A&M

“My wife and I were excited about the opportunity to work for ourselves and have the flexibility and the time and enjoy our family as much as possible,”  explained Matt Crothers, owner of A&M Furniture Family. The part A&M in The A&M Furniture Family stands for “A” Ann ( their daughters middle name) , and the “M” Micheal ( their nephews middle name).

Matt and Tracy Crothers own a family operated business called A&M Furniture Family. They started their business in 2004, but they have worked in the industry since 1996 working for their family. A&M Furniture Family sells furniture and equipment for schools, churches, offices, and events. Their most popular items are school furnishing and church seating.

In owning a family owned business a lot of challenges come up. “The challenges we face with opening a family business is the “weight of success” is on our shoulders to succeed.” stated Tracy Crothers, owner of A&M Furniture Family. They have to update their website regularly for people who are searching for furniture due to all the competition on the internet.

“Customers have changing over the years in the furniture they may need to outfit their office, school or church. One year may sell a lot of church chairs but the next year sell more classroom furniture.” explained Matt and Tracy Crothers. One consistent buyer they were fortunate enough to work with was Alliance School which have several Charter Schools throughout the Los Angeles area. Alliance Schools have been a consistent customer of theirs since 2010.

“Growing up with my family when they owned their business was really fun. I would always help out and had fun quality time with them while they are working,” explained Jordan Crothers, daughter of Matt and Tracy Crothers.


If you want more information go check out their website