Unclaimed $63 Million Lottery Ticket Goes to California Schools


Photo Courtey of google.com

Unclaimed lottery ticket goes to the California Schools. Last August a winning lottery ticket was purchased from 7-Eleven on Lassen Street in Chatsworth, California. Winners have 180 days from the time the winning ticket is drawn to claim their winnings, but the months have passed by and no one has claimed the August prize.The California Lottery said that if the winning ticket is not claimed by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday,February Fourth , then all the money will be given to California public schools.

Almost all of the money that goes to schools comes from sales. Any unclaimed prize money is added to the amount already allocated, said lottery spokesman Alex Traverso. So if no one appears with the $63-million ticket, the money will be put into an unclaimed prize fund that is given to schools, according to latimes.com.

This would be the biggest unclaimed prize that will ever go to the California Public Schools. In 2003 a same controversy happened where an unclaimed prize was given to California schools.The unclaimed prize that went to the California school was 27.3 million.

 How does the unclaimed lottery money disperse against the schools. The lottery money that gets divided throughout every school in California is very minute, but some money is better than no money is better than no money” stated, the Dr.Domene.