Manatee are coming back from being Endangered

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Approximately 6,000 manatee are left in the world today, whereas 15 years ago there were about 4,834 left. The manatee lives near the coast of Florida, due to the warmer water, according to

The manatee have been on the endangered list for about 15 years, according to The Manatee is endangered because of boating accidents. Manatee floats about one foot under, and it goes do to the bottom to eat the seaweed. The boat drivers do not see the manatee and end up hitting them with the propeller, and they cannot survive the damage the boat causes.


Manatee are known as mermaids in the 17th because of the way that they go down to the bottom and reaper at the top. They are also known as the sea cow because all they did was eat sea grass and float a foot under the surface, according to


A full grow manatee can weigh up to 3,500 pounds and can be 12 feet in length. They can eat up to 150 pounds of sea grass a day. “Population tends to increase in most of the area we go,” stated the FWS, according to