Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Review


Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam was the fifth installment of the Mario & Luigi series, that released on January 22nd, that serves as, a crossover with the Paper Mario series.The game, despite having the word “Mario” in the name, is not a platformer, but an RPG following a similar battle system to games like Paper Mario and Final Fantasy, with a turn based battle system, but as well having a timed hit system.

The story contains elements of both, the main series Mario games and the Paper Mario games in which Mario has to save Princess Princess from Bowser, but has some of the main characters of the Paper Mario series such as Paper Mario and Paper Bowser who have influence in the plot.

The soundtrack for the game is pretty decent for a Mario game even if a lot of the songs are forgettable. Some of the stand out themes include the battle theme and the boss battle theme.

While the game is relatively easy for an RPG, the battle system manages to keep the game fun and interesting with the paper and regular enemies having unique functions.