Why Everyone has it Wrong about Cam Newton and his Super Bowl Press Conference


Photo Courtesy of www.foxsports.com

There’s a problem brewing in America. It’s a certain lack of empathy for people, an expectation that no one, especially athletes, is allowed to be human and make a mistake. Cam Newton is learning this the hard way, reported Latimes.com.

The Carolina Panthers quarterback was anointed as the chosen one through the recently concluded NFL season. Fans and so-called NFL experts were saying he was the future of the game, the new face of the league. He was named league MVP the day before the Super Bowl, stated ESPN.

Then Newton played a horrible game and his team lost to the Denver Broncos, 24-10. With a big smile on his face, Newton congratulated Peyton Manning before heading to the locker room, stated Cam Newton.

Then it all came tumbling down. In the postgame news conference, an obviously subdued and depressed Newton didn’t answer questions the way people thought he should. He gave short, one-word answers to some questions. All the while, in the background you could hear a Broncos player talking about how they dismantled Newton, knowing he couldn’t handle the pressure. Newton, hearing all of this, decided to get up and leave, reported Latimes.com