Could Valentines Day Ruin Your Relationship?

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All the stress of finding planning the perfect day for your special someone is a lot to handle, especially if the relationship is still developing or you’re still getting to know each other. These are some prime ingredients for an awkward or unsuccessful Valentine’s Day. But don’t worry, that’s why i’m here… to tell you how to have an amazing, romantic Valentine’s Day.

One of the most common downfalls of someone’s Valentine’s Day is when they overthink the whole thing. This day is meant to celebrate your relationship- kind of like your anniversary, but everyone else in the world is celebrating their relationships too, said  

Many couples get in fights near or on Valentine’s Day because they can’t decide whether they should make it a big deal and have an extravagant night, or just order take out and stay home to cuddle by the fire and watch movies. If you get stressed out over what you should plan for your special someone, just remember that no one knows your relationship better than you. If you just calm down and take a deep breathe- it’ll come to you, or so says.   

You are most likely to have a wonderful Valentine’s Day if you don’t dwell so much on the gifts you give one another, or anything that comes between each of you focusing on each other.

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us… so, who will be your valentine this year?