California Performance running Program

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Training for the district track meet and a member of the BYMS Run Club, but still looking for extra push to prepare for a marathon? California Performance Runners may just be the club for you.

“California Performance Runners is offering young athletes opportunities to put forth their best effort and set goals, while fostering team commitment and encouraging a lifetime enjoyment of being active and fit,” according to their website(

Practices for this program are held at Yorba Linda Middle School, at 6:00-7:30. Fees are $80 per month, when signing up you will get a free CPR T-shirt. People from elementary to middle school are able to join.

Margaret Human is the coach for this running program, and enjoys building strong and determined runners. Coach Margaret has completed over 50 marathons, her fastest marathon time is 3 hours and 11 minutes. She has been running this program for many years.

CPR allows runners of many levels; advanced; average; and slow. This program trains boys and girls for marathons, half marathons, races and track meets. This running program also trains children to make the High school running team.

“Margaret is dedicated to building a youth running program here in North Orange County that will suit the needs of all types of runners, from the non-competitive all the way thru to the most competitive,” according to their website(