Take Your Scooter or Take Your Bike? Grab a Zike!

Photo Courtesy of:  www.bikecraze.com

Photo Courtesy of: www.bikecraze.com

Can’t decide whether to grab your scooter or you bike for a quick outing? Why not do both? The Zike is new freestyle scooter bike hybrid unlike any other ride on the plant. “A Zike is a combine with a scooter and a bike, it combines fun and fitness,” stated zike.net.

 Based in Greenville, South Carolina, the company was founded by inventor and CEO Nathan Scolari. As an avid inventor, Nathan Scolari has been sketching innovative ideas into a notebook since his childhood in Buffalo, N.Y. He came to Greenville in 1988 to attend Bob Jones University,”but it wasn’t until he saw a commercial four and a half years ago for a product he had a similar design for that he decided to take the plunge into creating an invention-oriented company,” according to zike.com.

In addition to being a unique form of travel, riding the Zike has a number health benefits.  It is used to burn calories, improve balance and coordination. The Zike has three types of  Stepper Scooters to ride. The Z150,  Zike Z100 and the  Zike Z600. All of these Scooters have many colors for the Scooter. The Zike has Silver, Green, Pink, Red, White and Black. The most popular color is Red, reported zike.net.

The Z100 and the Z150 are the same models but each of them have different lengths in size. The only model that is different from the two is the Z600. It is the main model for older kids; the main upgrade for this scooter is that it has bigger wheels. It will be able to go over tougher services. “All of the models can fold and you can carry it around, wherever you go,” stated zike.com.