Holiday Lights May Mess with your Wi-Fi Signal

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These lights are meant to make you get in the holiday spirit, but these entertaining lights are affecting something else, your Wifi, according to British communications regulator, Ofcom.

The reason for this is that your lights add a radio frequency interference in your home. This sends signals to your router that confuse it. These aren’t the only things that cause problems, devices such as microwaves, old Bluetooth devices, baby monitors, and cordless phones are all problems too, though less problems, explained reported that, If you’d like to maximize your Wi-Fi speed, you can restart your router, move your router somewhere else, and/or move your router to move your router to the center of your home. You should restart your router because, it will connect to a new channel which won’t be connected by devices. You might want to your router away from electronics since they interrupt your signals. Moving your router to the center of your house is a good idea due to walls and furniture being obstacles to send in information from routers and power cables found in your walls and flooring which also cause interference.