Four Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate

Four Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate

The next time you go down to hug your dog, tease it, petting its head, or even having a mini staring contest you may want to think twice before doing it. Some of these are actions that dogs hate.

Starring: When humans stare at dogs, they think that we are trying to challenge them. For example when dogs see a squirrel the dog’s level of fixation is not nicely interested stated

Hugging Your Dog: As humans we think that hugs are a way of showing love and being kind. When you hug dogs they are thinking that you are trying to over dominate them when you are actually just trying to be nice and loving explained

Teasing: Children especially can really tease a dog like barking back at them or pulling their ears for tail or even chasing after them. When children do this they can make the dog become shy, insecure, or even aggressivereported Instead of doing this, when your dog does something good try rewarding the dog right after he/she does something correctly.

Petting a Dog’s Head: According to humans would not enjoy getting pet on their head by someone and neither would a dog. When we do this it makes the dogs feel threatened. Dogs would rather be rubbed on the chest or on the back.

Even though dogs hate many things we humans do, they still love things we do. Like when we award them by giving them treats specifically ice cubes and they really enjoy having a daily routine and a strict structure according to