“Little Baby’s Ice cream” Commercial Goes Viral

Photo Courtesy of  littlebabysicecream.com

Photo Courtesy of littlebabysicecream.com

“Philadelphia-based ice cream shop Little Baby’s Ice Cream recently released an ad titled ‘This is a Special Time’ . If the idea was to destroy viewers’ ice cream appetites forever, they may have just succeeded.” reported The Huffington Post. With approximately 12,472 hits, a disturbing commercial from “Little Baby’s Ice Cream” Company has gone viral.

“ I gathered myself up out of a batch of Little Baby’s Ice Cream one day, just as human people are born. I’m unaware of anything before that day, but it just sort of started. I heard the three co-owners talking once and I think I overhead them talking about never putting Probiotics into the Ice Cream anymore, but then again, I’m a little hard of hearing…” Malcom, the Icecream man who stars in the video, told philebrity.com.

The commercial shows a person, completely made out of ice cream (or covered in it), eating his own head as he talks about Little Baby’s Ice Cream, ending with the company’s modo, “Ice Cream is a feeling.”

In 2011, three musicians created some homemade ice cream and a “multimedia” tricycle and called it “Little Baby’s Ice Cream.” Today they have several shops and tricycles throughout Philadelphia and an extremely successful youtube channel,  according to littlebabysicecream.com.

“’When you eat Little Baby’s Ice Cream you’ll wink and nod and hug and high five each other with great enthusiasm.’ He forgot to add that you might never sleep again.” reported the Huffington Post.