Sugar-Free Drinks: Study Shows They Can Wreak On Teeth

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Every year about 42% of children and 92% of adults have teeth decays. ”The main reason you get tooth decay is because the plage on your teeth that feed of of bacteria and sugars you eat can sometimes have an overload of bacteria and food that then give you tooth decay,” reported The Washington post.

Scientist from Melbourne University’s Oral Health Cooperative Centre had tested a wide range of sugar free soft-drinks, “sports drinks and sweets contain a harmful chemical that harm your teeth’s sugared countertops which can destroy your teeth when it is fermented with a bacteria that produces acid that leads to decay,” stated MU.

“Therefore, banning sugary drinks from school could have a positive health effects for reducing obesity, diabetes and dental caries but it may not reduce the risk of dental erosion,” stated Eric Reynolds, and oral health professor.

There hald be some researchers of Melbourne University that had tested 15 soft drinks sold in school on healthy human molars that had later been found and extracted and had been found that all of them led to significant erosion of dental enamel.

Researchers recommend to that when it comes to drinks, you should minimize sugary drinks and choose the old fashion way of rehydrating, water. For more help, go to