El Niño is Coming! El Niño is Coming!


Photo Courtesy of New York Times

Orange County residents should be expecting at least two more storms on Wednesday and Thursday of this week, perhaps bringing three inches of rain,stated abcnews.com. El Niño is just around the corner.

It is predicted to rain two to three and a half inches of rain across the coastal and valley areas in Southern California throughout Friday. A record breaking 1.42 inches of rain at the LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) occurred on Tuesday, January 5, according to abcnews.go.com and nbcnews.com

Bob Benjamin, a weather forecaster told abcnews.go.com, “This series of storms are definitely associated with the El Niño phenomenon in that the jet stream has taken a fairly significant southward trajectory in the Pacific on its return flow back into the California coastline.”

El Niño is supposed to drench the west for more than two weeks. However, it is causing a fear of mudslides and flash floods.

“We want as little damage and destruction and as little death as possible,”  stated Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles.

According to weather.com, 5 things you should expect from El Niño 2016 are

  1. The South Will Be Cooler Than Average, The North Warmer
  2.  The South Will Be Wetter Than Average
  3. El Nino Isn’t the Only Player
  4. California Could See Some Minor Drought Relief
  5. We Don’t Know When or Where It Could Get Ugly