An Early Christmas Miracle Brings Lazarus


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The Bingham family, while celebrating Thanksgiving, instead received an early Christmas miracle. At a rental cabin in Bear Lake, Utah, the Bingham family awoke up to freshly fallen snow. Brandon Bingham claims that he thought he saw something lying in the snow, turning out to be a frozen kitty, reported

According to The Huffington Post, the stray cat was buried underneath the freshly fallen snow that morning. Brandon Bingham’s brother then took the tiny cat inside and started to perform gentle CPR on the cat for over an hour, in front of the fireplace. After a while it seemed hopeless, but the cat started to awaken.

Throughout the course of the day, the cat began to retain conscious and started to eat food as well. The Binghams posted the video to their Facebook page where it has been viewed over a 1,000 times according to

Because of the miracle, the family named the tiny kitty “Lazarus” after the Biblical figure brought to life by Jesus. Lazarus was adopted by Mr. Bingham’s brother, and has since been given a clean bill of health, ready to start out life fresh, happy and warm in his loving new home, stated