Fun Things To Do Over Winter Break For Teens

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School’s out, Christmas is over and you finally get a little relaxation from all the stress.  Only…now how are you going to fill your time? What will you do? Here’s a list of the absolute best things to do over winter break to cure your boredom.

There are many fun activities to do over winter break, but when you’re feeling lazy you could always find a new TV show to watch. “If watching one more holiday movie is going to drive you to the brink of insanity, try renting a DVD of a show that you find intriguing but never had time to watch, like Heroes,24, or Friday Night Lights. Have an all-day extravaganza with your best friend or just watch an episode here or there each day. By the end of the break, you’ll be hooked on the show,” explained.

According to Seventeen, if you want to go out somewhere with your friends and spend some money, going to a theme park would be good for you! Not everyone has Disneyland/DisneyWorld in their state, but there’s always other theme parks to go to.

“A fun activity I enjoy doing is getting together a bunch of friends, getting yummy hot drinks and then walk around the neighborhood and look at Christmas lights,” stated Carly DeGirolomo, a BYMS student.