Shockingly Rich Pets

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“Animals, who clearly don’t need any more attention than they already have (thanks internet), have been slowly racking up the pennies behind our naïve backs all this time.” reported Certain animals are more rich than the average human.

The richest animal in the world is a german shepard, Gunther who is worth $145,000,000. He inherited his fortune when his father passed away. Karlotta Liebenstien had given Gunther’s father the money in her will.  One of Gunther’s biggest purchases was Madonna’s old house in Miami according to

Another extremely rich pet is Gigoo, a chicken. Unlike very many other chickens, Gigoo has a net worth of $10,000,000. Miles Blackwell left the hen the 10 million after his wife died, reported

Trouble, the dog of Leona Helmsley, was left with $12,000,000 after her death. Even though the inheritance was clearly stated in her will, her grandchildren protested the reasonability. After the controversy was seen in court, it was decided that Trouble would only be given $2,000,000. Many people have threatened to kidnap Trouble and his security guard was fired, according to Trouble passed away last year.

Unlike many of the other pets, Grumpy Cat earned his $100,000,000 on his own. His real name is Tardar Sauce, but because he always appears to be frowning, his stage name became Grumpy Cat. Grumpy Cat is mostly a model but he has starred in his own christmas movie too, according to .

When Margaret Layne passed away she left her cat, Tinker, a house worth £586,000 and a trust fund of £100,000. Ann and Eugene Wheatly, neighbors,  now take care of Tinker, reported .

“With no charitable urges or humanitarian concerns, these selfish beasts have been laughing/barking/squawking all the way to the bank while we struggle along,” reported