CNN Hero of the Year: Maggie Doyne

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Maggie Doyne, the founder of Kopila Valley Children’s Home and School, has won the 2015 CNN Hero of the Year Award on November 17.

“There is no time to waste. If you are educated and free, empowered and safe, you have to use your strength, your power, and your gifts to help the rest of our human family,” Maggie Doyne stated while accepting her award, as reported by

Ms. Doyne will receive $100,000 for the online donation website in addition to $10,000 that each Hero received for being named to the Top 10, CNN stated.

“The ‘All-Star Tribute’ honored all the Top 10 Heroes — everyday people who’ve made extraordinary contributions around the world,” stated CNN.

Before Ms. Doyne founded Kopila Valley Children’s Home and School, she went east to take a break from school and found herself in India. She then traveled to Nepal to see what was happening with their civil war, and she fell in love with a homeless child who inspired her to build the home and then school, according to the Huffington Post.

Ms. Doyne used her $5,000 babysitting savings to buy land and build a school, women’s center, and the Kopila Valley Children’s Home, as stated in CNN.

Ms. Doyne is the legal guardian of 40 children, if not more, as reported by

Ms. Doyne has also bought land for a Kopila Valley High School, according to