Beware Santa’s Evil Sidekick: Krampus

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Are you on Santa’s naughty or nice list this year? If you are on his naughty list, beware the punishment awaiting you from Krampus.

“The Krampus is a character from European Alpine folklore, common in Austria and Switzerland. The creature stands on two hooves and has horns growing out of its skull. An extremely long tongue hangs out of its mouth, and it carries a basket to haul away naughty children,” stated NPR.

“Krampus’ behaviour has varied throughout the years, in most tales he carries a sack where he would put naughty children and carry them away to his lair as well as chains, whips or birch rods to punish them with,” stated the Daily Mail.

A few of Virgen’s 2,000 residents hand carve wooden masks and sport a suit made from animal skin with loud bells attached to the costume to make themselves look like Krampus on nights before December 6, St. Nicholas Day, looking for naughty children to punish, as reported by NBC News.

The Alpine nations hold Krampus runs, or “Krampuslauf,” and also present pagan rituals to “disperse the ghosts of winter,” according to the Daily Mail.

Krampus in the movie Krampus is a lot like the legend for he takes important things from the naughty children or kidnaps and punishes them, as stated in

Krampus, like in the movie, only shows up when people lose the “Christmas spirit,” according to