We Must End For-Profit Prisons

Photo courtesy of www.valuewalk.com

Photo courtesy of www.valuewalk.com

Privatized priosions are keeping inmates incarcerated longer to bost there profits, according to a new study released by the University of Wisconsin, “according to motherjones.com”. Currently in the United States we have the highest population of civilians in jail in the world; and it is even more than Communist China (China is Four times our size in population). The U.S has less than five percent of the world’s population,, “according to Huffington Post.” The United States have incarcerated about 2.2 million people. Many consider this to be a major human tragedy.

Researcher Anita Mukherjee studied for eight years off the data from Mississippi, which has one the highest incarceration rate in the U.S.A., and she found that private prisons gave out twice as many infractions to against inmates, lengthening their sentences by an average of two or three months. Mukherjee found that the extra time adds a increase of $3,000 in additional costs per prisoner.Mukherjee also found that inmates once housed in a private prison are more likely to go back to prison after being released-despite industry claims of lower recidivism rates.

Critics have questioned the quality of many private prisons and the economical help they say will give to their communities. But proponents say private prisons proponents say private prisons will not only save taxpayers money; but will also generate more income for the communities around them,“according NPR.”

Adding to the controversy racism has a part in this. This crisis has disproportionately affected minorities. African American have been harmed the most. One in four African American men can be expected to be imprisoned during their lifetime.The Depart of Justice found that black minorities are more likely than their white counterparts to be pulled for a traffic stop and will be search. But the only reason why this is so horrible human tragedy should be terminated from existence because private for profit prisons get pay millions for incarcerating innocent people. This truly is inhumane, “according to Huffington Post.”

President Ronald Reagan pushed more prisons to become privet due to the “war on drugs” around the 1980s. There was once theory that privately ran prisons would be more accountable because they could be fined or fired unlike traditional prisons (although the counterpoint is that privately run prisons are not subject to the same constitutional constraints that state-run prisons are). Private bisonnes prisons have budgets of billions; and there are many players in private prisons such as Corrections Corporation of America, the GEO group (formerly known as Wackenhut Securities), and the Cornell Companies,“according Findlaw.”