Cheap but Chic: Holiday Crafts To Impress Your Family and Friends

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Food…check. Dinner guest…. check. Festive decorative items? Uh Oh. We here at Cheap But Chic, have you covered. Here are 12 festive Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa,
and Eid crafts for to impress your friends and family.


1. Candlelit Branch and Ribbon Star of David

According to here are the materials you will need:
-Manzanita branch
-Silver floral spray
-9 candle clips
-Star Template
-Pale blue vellum, by Cromatica
-3/4-inch circle craft punch
-Hanukkah candles
-Classic fluted candleholders
-1-inch-wide ribbon
-Disappearing-ink pen
-Hot-glue gun

Step 1: Candlelit Branch Working on a covered surface, coat a manzanita branch with silver floral spray. Let dry.
Step 2: Attach 9 candle clips along branch, with 1 higher than the rest (for shammes candle).
Step 3:With a pencil, trace star template 9 times onto blue vellum. Cut out.
Step 4: Using a 3/4-inch circle craft punch, remove center of each star. Cut along line on template. Slide stars onto clips. Insert Hanukkah candles.
Step 5: Ribbon Star of David Cut 1-inch-wide ribbon into two 17-inch lengths. (If using wider or narrower ribbon, alter length to keep a 1 to 17 proportion; substitute 1 ribbon width for each inch in step 2).
Step 6: Lay 1 ribbon vertically. Measure 1 inch from top; mark on right edge with a disappearing ink pen. Mark again 4 inches below first dot; mark a third dot 4 inches below that. With disappearing-ink pen, extend each mark into an equilateral triangle (A).
Step 7:Starting at top, fold ribbon along first marked triangle; using a hot-glue gun, glue beneath fold to secure.
Step 8: Repeat at next 2 marked triangles (B), folding top end first and gluing bottom-end fold. Trim ribbon even with side of resulting triangle; tuck under first point.
Step 9: With second ribbon, repeat steps 2 and 3.

Step 10: Weave folded point of second ribbon under left side of completed triangle, over right side (C). With disappearing-ink pen, mark top point of triangle for orientation.
Step 11: Fold ribbon at second marked triangle. Weave ribbon under bottom side of triangle. Fold ribbon at third marked triangle. Weave ribbon under lower-right point of triangle (D). Trim ribbon; tuck under upper-right point.


2. Macaroni Menorah for Hanukkah according to

-Dry macaroni
-Dry lentils
-White glue
-Cotton bud
-Red crepe paper

Step 1: Take some small pieces of red crepe paper and roll them between your fingers until they are thin enough to poke inside some macaroni. Use this technique to make nine macaroni candles.
Step 2:Paste the candles onto the card to make a Menorah. Use two pieces of macaroni for the shamash
Step 3: Using white glue and a cotton bud, paint on the rest of the menorah and decorate using dry lentils.
Step 4:Cut out and paste onto contrasting cardboard to make a card or picture.menorah-craft

3. Hanukkah Handprint Menorah according to
-White and Blue construction paper
-Yellow and Orange markers
Step 1:Trace your hands onto a piece of blue construction paper and cut each one out.
Step 2:Glue the handprints onto the white piece of construction paper so that the thumbs on each hand overlap to form the Menorah.
Step 3:Use the makers to draw flames on the “candles”.



1. Craft Stick Star
According to to make this craft you will need:
-5 Popsicle / craft sticks
-2 Pipe cleaners
-a Pom pom
-2 Googly eyes
-Foam letters for your kids name
To make this craft you will:
Step 1: To make the star add a drop of glue on one end of the craft stick, attach another as displayed below
Step 2: Add the last stick as below and leave to dry. Using the kids craft glue allows you to adjust the shape of the star before the glue hardens. I made a few of these stars and eventually took my glue gun out. The glue gun was not forgiving of shaping mistakes.
Step 3: Note the area for the name sticking is one of the craft sticks that are on top of the others, important for a longer name. Glue the eyes, pom pom nose and a cut pipe cleaner for a mouth on the star. Twirl a pipe cleaner on a pen and wrap the one end into the star to secure it.
Step 4: Peel the foam sticker names and add the finishing touches. Hang on your tree!popsicle-stick-star-of-david

2. Construction Paper Christmas Wreath according to

-one 9”x 18” sheet of green construction paper
-scrap paper of any color you’d like for bows, berries, etc.
Step 1: First, take the green paper and fold it in half, vertically.
Step 2: Draw a line along the length that is open…NOT the side where the crease is…about 1-2 inches away from the edge. This marks your “NO CUTTING ZONE” for later.
Step 3: Then, draw tick marks every half-inch along the top and the bottom. You can make these marks one-inch apart for younger kids, but the narrower they are, the “lacier” your wreath will turn out in the end.
Step 4: Next, connect those tic marks with your ruler to make straight cutting lines. Notice my lines stop at the first line we drew earlier.
Step 5: Then, cut along each line you drew, being careful not to go too far!
Step 6: Now, open it up and roll it in the opposite direction that the crease was folded to make a tube-like shape. It helps to have a second pair of hands for this step.
Step 7: Put staples in other side every couple of inches…as far in as the stapler will reach. Then staple the other end the same way.
Step 8: Join both ends of the “tube” you just made to create the wreath shape and staple the ends together. At this point, you may need to finagle the stapler in through the “rings” to fix any bulges in the middle. After this, it should look like a wreath.
Step 9: Cut out bows, berries, etc to decorate your wreath.
Step 10: Hang the final product in a window, on a door, or make a garland of them across the classroom ceiling.


3. Christmas Egg Carton Sleigh
According to here are the materials needed for this item:
-Egg Carton
-Brown Paint
-Googly Eyes
-Red Pom Poms
-Construction Paper
-Hot Glue
-Pipe Cleaners
-Black Marker
Here are the steps to making this item:
Step 1: Cut the egg carton in half. Paint brown and let dry.Use watered down brown paint to make it stretch farther since the carton soaks it up.
Step 2: Cut out small circles for reindeer heads. Add googly eyes, pom poms for noses, and pipe cleaners for the antlers using hot glue.
Step 3: Attach a ribbon to the side of the carton for the “reigns”.
Step 4. Using a black marker, draw the hooves on the reindeer legs.
Step 5; Make the back of the sleigh by attaching red construction paper to the carton.


1. Kwanzaa Placemat
According to you will need the following materials:
-12″ x 18″ Piece of Yellow Craft Foam
-9″ x 12″Craft Foam: Red, Black and Green
-Tacky glue or Glue dots
Here are the instructions to make the place mat:
Step 1: Mark off 1″ from both ends of the 12″ x 18″ craft foam sheet and cut a lengthwise slit every inch being careful to end slits at the 1″ mark.
Step 2: Cut black, red and green foam stock into 1″ x 12′ strips. Weave strips in through the slits alternating each row. Secure ends with glue or glue dots.


2. Handprint Kinara
According to here are the materials you will need:
-yellow paint
Here are the steps you will need to follow:
Step 1: Paint the palm of your left hand gold. Paint your middle, ring and little finger red and your index finger black. Print onto the paper.
Step 2: Paint the palm of your right hand gold. Paint your middle, ring and little finger green and your index finger black. Print on to the paper overlapping the index finger with the index finger of the last print.
Step 3: Add fingerprints of yellow paint on top of each finger.


3. Ear of Corn Place Card
According to here are the supplies you will need:
-Heavy-duty construction paper or card stock (green + another color)
-Unpopped popping corn (about a spoonful of unpopped corn for each place card
-White glue
-A pencil, marker or pen
Here are the steps you will need to follow to make this craft:
Step 1: Cut a piece of construction paper that is about 5 x 6 inches (use any color but green).
Step 2: Fold the paper in half so that you have a rectangle that is 5×3 inches. Unfold it. This will be the place card.
Step 3: Using a piece of folded green construction paper, cut an oval with pointed ends — it should be a little smaller than 1/2 of your place card (about 3 inches by 1 1/2 inches).
You should now have 2 green ovals. Cut one of the ovals in half the long way.
Step 4: Glue the green oval to the bottom half of the unfolded place card.
Step 5: Squeeze a blob of white glue onto the green oval, leaving an edge of about 1/4 inch without glue.around the green oval.
Step 6: Sprinkle unpopped popcorn (about a spoonful) on the glue. Push the popcorn into the glue.
Step 7: Put a line of glue over the right half of the corn. and under the bottom right half.
Step 8: Glue on the half ovals of green paper (to be the husks of an ear of corn) at a slight angle (as shown in the picture). Only the edges of these half ovals will be glued — the rest will stick up over the corn, looking like a partly-opened corn husk.
Let the glue set (this will probably take at least overnight) – if the glue isn’t dry completely when you use the card, the glue will slowly leak down the place card (we found this out the hard way)!
Step 9: Write the name of a guest on each of the place cards and put each one by a place setting.
You can now use your ear of corn place cards at any celebration table.

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1. Geometric Design Stained Glass Window according to
-Black paper
-Tissue paper
Step 1:Fold the paper in half , then in half again and in half a third time. You may want to make a diagonal fold as we show in the photo below.
Step 2:Cut shapes along the folds. Take care not to cut right through the folds. Open up. Glue tissue paper to the back of the paper to cover the holes


Decoupage Jar

According to here are the materials you will need:
– glass or plastic jar with lid
-tissue paper, various colors
-2 tablespoons glue combined with 2 tablespoons water
-foam brush
Here are the steps to making this:
Step 1: Cut or rip pieces of tissue paper in various colors. Avoid pieces that are too small – less than one inch, or too large 4-5 inches.
Step 2: Lightly brush a layer of the thinned out glue on the outside of the jar. Aim for a thin layer. The foam brush tends to soak up a lot of the glue. We resorted to using our fingers to apply and spread the glue.
Step 3: Apply the pieces of torn tissue paper onto the glue, piece by piece. Cover entire surface. Repeat with another layer or two.
Step 4: Using the brush or your fingers, apply a thin layer of thinned glue over the last layer to fully seal it. Let dry completely.
Step 5: Adults: Cut out a slit in the top of the lid. I don’t have the best advice for this method. I ended up with sharp edges, so I used tape to cover them to avoid potential cuts or scratches. If desired, paint the lid.


3. Potato Print Eid Bunting according to
-Coloured paper or card
-A sharp knife (pr star and circle biscuit cutters)
-Gold paint
-Ribbon or thread
-Bunting template
Step 1: Print our bunting template on to paper.
Step 2: Cut the potato in half. If you have the biscuit cutters use them to make the shape of a star in one side of the potato and a crescent in the other. Using the knife carefully remove the surrounding potato. If you don’t have cutters simply cut the shapes using the knife.
Step 3: Put some gold paint into a saucer.
Step 4: Stamp stars on half the bunting and crescents on the other half.
Step 5: Leave to dry.
Step 6: Cut out the bunting and punch holes at the top.
Step 7: Thread onto string or ribbon to hang, alternating stars and moons. Secure the bunting in place on the string with sticky tape if needed.