The Great Escape from Alcatraz: Are They Still Alive?’



Prison photos of John and Clarence Anglin , 1962.

Two men that attempted to break out of Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, the Anglin brothers, Morris, and West. It is amazing 53 years later, the two Anglin brothers are still alive, according to private investigators, reported the History Channel in its documentary Alcatraz: Search For The Truth.

The documentary purports that the two brothers who escaped from Alcatraz in 1962 are alive in Brazil. The documentary shows a photograph and other items the two Anglin brothers living on a farm somewhere in Brazil, in the middle 1970s. If alive today, John would be 85 years old and Clarence, 84 years old, according to History Channel.

Clarence Anglin, born May 11, 1931 Donalsonville, Georgia, his brother was born May 2, 1930 Donalsonville, Georgia. The Anglin brothers convicted of robbery. John arrived on alcatraz October 21, 1960, cell number AZ 1476. Clarence arrived January 10, 1961, cell number AZ 1485, History Channel.

Nephews of the Anglin brothers contacted investigators to help in their journey to find their uncles. According these two nephews, investigators assisted in the journey to find the men Investigators were provided pictures and a tape recorder of the two uncles’ childhood friend.  Their uncle’s childhood friend, stated,’’ They are fine. They told me to tell you that,’’ he added,’’ I am the only one who knows that they are alive.’’ Investigators were provided pictures and a tape recorder of the two uncles childhood friend, reported History Channel.

“The two Anglin brothers escaped from the prison in 1962. It took them 9 months to dig through the wall with a spoon, to go through the wall and up the air vent in the wall. To lead them on top of the hospital building. Making their way across the building sliding down the water pipe along the wall, making them go down where the docks are. Taking them to get their life jackets and their raft made out of coats,’’ according to investigators,’’ reported the Daily Mail.

‘’They start their journey around the whole island so the only lighthouse guard tower would not see them trying to escape. They found a cord, making them wrap it around one of the boats that are leaving from the boat dock at 10:30 pm to the dock at San Francisco Bay. Right when they were halfway there one of their childhood friend  who was on the escape had a boat and took them away to escape the great prison,’’added the  Daily Mail.

Over the past 29 years 36 men have tried to escape Alcatraz. John and Clarence Anglin were possibly the only prisoners that escaped Alcatraz. It was difficult to escape from Alcatraz Island because it was built in the middle of the water by San Francisco Bay, so if any prisoners tried to escape they would probably die in the middle of the freezing cold water, stated the History Channel.