Lifeguard Brandon Harper; “Loving the Water and Being in it Everyday is What Drives My Passion”


Photo courtesy of: Brandon Harper

    “Staying in shape is important in this field of work…making sure that your attention is on everyone in the water can get difficult as well,” said Brandon Harper, age 21 , student at Cal Poly Pomona, and lifeguard at East Lake Village Pools in Yorba Linda, as he gave us an exclusive interview on his field of work, and what it takes to become a lifeguard.

    “Some of the latest innovations in the field,” Harper explains, “include mostly new methods of CPR, and  flotation devices. Brandon has been a lifeguard for two years at these pools, and he’s planning on changing things up next summer, and transferring to the beach.

He expresses all of the challenging aspects of the career; but for Mr. Harper, that dedication pays off. “The reward comes from knowing that you are more than capable of rescuing someone. It is always nice to get comments from parents thanking me for my vigilance.”

Brandon Harper wanted to be a lifeguard because of his lifelong love of the water, and his always eager drive to help others. Harper’s advice for kids who aspire to become lifeguards is simply to swim. Being a proficient swimmer gives you a better shot at being a beach or pool lifeguard.

    “It will also open doors to things like becoming a swim instructor. For me, loving the water and being in it every day is what drives my passion.” Brandon says. Harper lives by Dory’s motto from “Finding Nemo”; “Just keep swimming.”