Kid’s Gender Swapping Halloween Costumes Cause Controversy

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“It’s that time of year again when kids dress up in Halloween costumes to go trick or treating in their neighborhoods,” stated. “Even though it may be subconsciously, parents often use this holiday to ingrain gender stereotypes into the minds of their children.”


“One child, a five year old boy affectionately called Boo, was asked what he wanted to be for Halloween by his mother. Boo said he wanted to be Daphne, since he’s been a huge fan most of his life and was the crime-fighting cartoon for Halloween a couple of years ago,” explained.


Boo’s mother later on took Boo to a Halloween party at school, but Boo didn’t want to go because he was afraid that the other kids would make fun of him because he was dressing up like a girl, because usually Halloween costumes are gender-based. Source:


“It wasn’t the kids that had the problem with Boo’s costume; it was their mothers.Various mothers made comments to Sarah, ranging from questions about the choice of costume to condemning the mother for allowing to dress in a girl’s costume because it might “turn him gay.” reported.


“Even Disney has ditched gender-specific labels on their kid’s Halloween costumes this year in a move that sends a strong message to children that they can be anyone they want to be when they dress up,” remarked.


“Instead of dividing their costumes into ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ categories with the predictable opposing camps of macho, fake muscled superhero suits and saccharin sweet pastel princess dresses, all of the costumes will now be grouped together under the inclusive heading of ‘kids,’”