World Suicide Prevention Day

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Many people and organizations took part in events on Thursday, September 10, World Suicide Prevention Day. Yorba Linda High School and the With Hope Foundation partnered on World Suicide Prevention Day.

“Suicide can be prevented through education and awareness,” explained the With Hope Foundation. “With Hope Foundation is committed to supporting our schools efforts in suicide prevention through education,” elucidated the With Hope Foundation.

“During the day YLHS ASB partnered with the With Hope Foundation and planned a lunch time activity in which students could come out and sign a chalkboard in the middle of our quad vowing “We Care”, for those who are in any situation. Also students were given yellow ribboned pins to wear in honor of the day,” said Caleb Gelner.

“Yellow actually has been the distinct color given for suicide awareness ever since 1994,” stated Caleb Gelner. “We chose the saying we care to show students who are going through a difficult time that there actually are fellow students out at the school willing to listen or give a helping hand,” explained Caleb Gelner.