Aircraft Development Field

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According to , 100,000 passenger airplanes fly daily around the world. “These are very complicated airplanes that take many parts and time to design, make the parts, and assemble,” explained Tito Lassalle former aircraft engineer for Northrop Grumman Aircraft Company.

“In the 7th grade while attending an Industrial Arts class, the professor wrote on the board, ‘engineering is the art of the future,’ at that moment I was inspired to follow that path,” stated Tito Lassalle. “I had the pleasure of designing structural parts for aircrafts that are still in operation, and work with wonderful people from many different countries,” said Tito Lassalle.

“The computer brought a lot of innovations to the engineering design and it made it much easier to be able to express our work,” interpreted Tito. “The fields that I have followed in my life require good school dedication. It does not matter what field of studies you are interested in, what really matters is that you choose a field that you can enjoy studying for,” expressed Tito.