Pregnant Dog Found buried beneath sidewalk


Courtesy of Blogs.discovery,com

A pregnant dog who had been buried and left to die beneath the sidewalk, after repair workers paved over a broken sidewalk in Voronezh, Russia, was able to make it out breathing, on September 21st, thanks to a man who refused to ignore her cries for help, reported
Vadim Rustam, a resident in a building said he kept hearing a dog’s barking. He realized it was underground, he asked the city to dig a hole to remove the dog. When the city denied his request, he did it himself, wrote
All it took was a little removing of bricks and excavation, then there were happy tears, as Belka was removed from the hole. Donations paid for medical bills and Belka survived, sadly the pups did not, reported
Reportedly, Belka was underground for two days without food and water. Now, Vadim Rustam currently owns Belka and takes care of her, reported