“This is Why I am Broke” Offers Cool, Innovative Products


Photo courtesy of www.thisiswhyimbroke.com

Tired of getting the same holiday gifts every year? Tired of searching for a good bargain? ThisIsWhyImBroke.com features items for purchase that  you would never see in your local department store. Placing everything, even new items at pricing starting from 20 dollars and with over 324,650 subscribers, according to the website.

On this website, items  are funny, clever, and stylish. The chocolate planets will allow you to taste Saturn, Mars, and Uranus for only $78.

While some products are whimsical by nature, others take advantage of current scientific breakthroughs. Purchasing the colorblindness correcting glasses for only $349 will allow “those who are colorblind to see full color by restoring normal separation between the red and green cones to provide better perception of the color spectrum.”

The mood altering headpiece allows customers for $299 “to control emotions by using neurosignaling waveforms to deliver calm or energetic vibes on demand, helping you de-stress or invigorate yourself for peak performance,” according to the website.

For $24.99, You will not have to worry about dropping your new cell phone and shattering the screen. Getting the unbreakable smart phone screen cover will let you hit your phone with a hammer without it resulting with a scratch.

Want to make your friends and family “happier campers” ? The website has gifts for those on you gift giving list as well.

Buying the wearable sleeping bag for only $159.95 will prevent going out into the cold on the morning of a camping day. It’s insulated core makes it possible to take a warm nap anywhere and anytime for

And, finally, with the Ultimate Swiss Army knife, enables  access to all 87 tools it holds, including a compass, a pair of scissors, and even a pizza cutter, for only $1,310.44!

Other cool items include the water jet pack, the golden toilet paper, the underground parking dock, and your own life sized Dracula’s castle. All are perfect purchases to show how generous you are… or why you’re now broke.