Reviews Indicate Banana Republic Newest Winter Collection Misses Mark


Marissa Webb, the designer of Banana Republic’s newest collection, has not been hitting the mark with shoppers. Peck the CEO of Gap stated “Webb’s first collection is too heavy on black and white, and needed more colors and prints.”

Banana Republic has recently  released their winter 2015 collection called “Super Chic” including their latest lookbook, “Boy Meets Girl.” This represents a new kind of Banana Girl, one who is a bit more modern and edgier than we’re used to.

According to Andi Owen, the global president of Banana Republic, “Marissa Webb has not executed very well so far, although she believes it’s the “right call” to offer more versatile clothing.The customers are having a really hard time outfitting.” Meaning shoppers have not found it easy to put together head to toe looks from Banana’s offerings.

Marissa Webb was born in Korea, but grew up in Pennsylvania, and now lives with her husband in New York. She used to work at J.Crew for over ten years, she was placed as the head of womenswear.

When she was invited to design for Banana Republic, Banana Republics sales decreased. “We rely too heavily on black and white. Our silhouettes are over sized and boxy.” Owen said. The brand’s mission this year is to focus on improving sweaters, pants outerwear and suiting offer.