Is Wednesday A Waste

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Earth gives us everything. So why not dedicate a day of the week to the Earth? Earth gives 365 days every year, so it’s the least we can do. We have named one day for the Earth, but is it enough?

According to Mother Nature Network (MNN), “By dedicating a day to the Earth, April 22, we are just giving back something it gave us. And out of 365.25 days we are only giving 0.003 of it.”

”The names of the original days of the week come from the Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses. Sunday is Helou’s day. Helou is the god of the Sun. Monday is Hemera’s day. Hemera is the Goddess of the Moon. Tuesday is Ares’s day. Ares is the god of war. Wednesday is Hermes’s day. Hermes is the God of commerce. Thursday is Zeus’s day. Zeus is the God of the heavens. Friday is Aphrodite’s day. Aphrodite is the Goddess of love and beauty. Saturday is Cronus’s day. Cronus is the God of the universe before taken down by his son Zeus.” Reported

A lot of other planets have days of the week, too. The Sun has Sunday, Jupiter has Thursday, Venus has Friday, Mars hasTuesday, Mercury has Wednesday, and the Moon has Monday, but no day for the Earth!” This makes it seem like we care 52 times more about the sun, moon, and other planets than our own home,” stated By replacing Wednesday with Earth day, we would be showing appreciation to Earth.