Promotion Dresses Can be Fashion-Forward and Appropriate

Photo Courtesy of Hailee Coor

Photo Courtesy of Hailee Coor

Purchase Promotion Party tickets…check, register for high school classes…check, inform family and friends about promotion ceremony…check, and purchase a dress for promotion…Oh no!!!!  Girls, are you having trouble trying to purchase an outfit for promotion? Don’t worry anymore, the Matador Messenger has some ideas that are fashion-forward, appropriate, and affordable.

Hold off on that slinky, floor length strappy number you have been eyeing at Nordstrom’s! The District’s “Student Dress and Grooming Policy” will be enforced at promotion and the promotion dance/ party.

The BYMS administration suggests, “If there are doubts as to the appropriate wear for promotion and the promotion party, please inquire prior to purchasing and/or wearing garments that may be deemed inappropriate.”

The following includes dress choices to avoid purchasing:

Long floor length dresses, strapless dresses, dresses with spaghetti straps, (dresses/tops must have at least one inch straps) tank tops, slits, garments that are too revealing ( e.g. low -cut necklines exposing cleavage, sheer garments, midriff tops, backless tops, etc.) For boys, tuxedos are not appropriate. It is also suggested that girls may wish wedge sandals/shoes but recommends that girls “keep them short. You will be walking on grass.”

Even with those limitations, girls have many fashionable choices.

The first dress is sleeveless and an above the knee from the designer Love Reigns. The dress is available at JCPenny, in the juniors section. It has a dazzling sequined and embroidered bodice and tulle lined skirt. It comes in two colors, black and ice mint. The ice mint, however, is sold out online. The dress is originally 60 dollars, but is 41% off, so the total comes down to $34.99.

The second dress is a lace skater dress available at Nordstrom, also from the juniors section. This dress is more of a casual style. It comes in three colors; coral, mint, and white. It comes down to a little above the knee and is a “tank top” style dress. The dress alone is $48.00 and if you were to order it online, the shipping is free!

The last dress is from the popular dress store Windsor, which is most known for its location in the Brea mall. This dress features the “tank top” style lace bodice with a flowy chiffon skirt and a darling bow back. It comes in two colors; coral and ivory. The dress is available for $36.90.

Girls  turning up to the promotion ceremony dressed inappropriately, will pulled from the ceremony, according to Steve Marshall. So buyer beware… and happy shopping!

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