College Students Create Robotic Arms for Children

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At the University of Central Florida, Albert Manero and a team of engineers designed a prototype for an electric arm. The first person to wear one was six- year old Alex Ping, according to CNN.

Another recipient of the arm ,Wyatt, was born  as a premature baby whose  arm was entangled in amniotic bands killing requiring  doctors to amputate Wyatt’s arm and hand.”His main interest was to create a shocking response from onlookers by pulling it off in the grocery store,” Wyatt’s mother Falardeau wrote on CNN iReport.

Rather than profiting from the design of the arm the team of engineers uploaded the prototype on the internet for everyone to use. The designers produce the arm with a 3D printer which is located on the campus of the university. “It’s really just a step-by-step process of solving problems,” explained Manero.

Creating the electric arm required solving a number of problems. “The first problem we solved was: how do we make the hand move electronically? And then: how do we attach this arm to a child?” said sophomore Tyler Petresky, a member of the engineering team. “It’s just one problem after another we keep solving. That’s what engineering is all about.”

The producers make these arms for as little as $20 to $50 dollars and give them out for free to anybody who needs a prothesthic arm.

“My mother taught us that were supposed to help change the world,” Manero said at the time ‘ Were supposed to help make it better,”