Cadbury “Catastrophe” Causes Customer Concerns

Cadbury Catastrophe Causes Customer Concerns

The makers of Cadbury Creme Eggs are in some “hot water” with fans of the beloved Easter treat after a recent change in the recipe.

The famous chocolate eggs, filled with yellow and white fondant as the “yolk”, were made with Cadbury’s own dairy milk chocolate. Now, under the new recipe, they’re made with “a standard, traditional Cadbury milk chocolate,” said a spokeswoman for Mondelez International. Kraft Foods was able to acquire the British candy maker for about $19 billion as of 2010, stated

Though this change only applies to people in UK, people all over the world are angry about this “tweak” on an Easter classic.”We have always used a range of milk chocolate blends for different products, depending on their shape or consistency,” the spokeswoman said. “The fundamentals of the Cadbury Crème Egg remain exactly the same — delicious milk chocolate and the unique creme centre that consumers love”, reported

According to Cadbury, only 5 million of these sweet delicacies are made each year, and over two thirds are bought and devoured by the UK, stated

This isn’t the first disappointment in the company as of 2015, since the decrease in eggs in a pack, from 6 chocolates to 5, reported