Orchidelirium: A Craze For a Flower


Photo courtesy of www.smithosnianmag.com

“When a man falls in love with orchids, he’ll do anything to possess the one he wants,” said a passage in Susan Orlean’s book, The Orchid Thief.  This level of devotion has inspired significant investment in the flower throughout history, even motivating scientific breakthroughs that have made the once-elusive bloom plentiful and affordable enough for the everyday person, called Orchidelirium,  smithsonianmag.com reported.

Orchidelirium is the name of the Victorian era where the collection of flowers was as an extraordinarily high level, lostorchid.blogspot.com reported.

“Today,” says Smithsonian Magazine’s orchid expert, Tom Mirenda, “Orchid collecting is a far more egalitarian pursuit, thanks to significantly improved reproduction and propagation technology, including cloning.

“You look at an orchid, and it looks back at you,” says Mirenda. “They seem to have a face like a human.” Orchidelirium was a craze in the 19th century and according to Mirenda, it is still found today.