Getting To School on a Foot Powered Bus

Raul Roa

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Forty-Five years ago nearly 48% of students walked to school. Now barely 13% of people walk or ride their bikes to school. As you can see, these numbers have dramatically changed in the past Forty-five years. October 8 is international walk to school day. According to it is a day to admire all the benefits of walking. This event is supposed to inspire people to get out and play and enjoy the outdoors.


This would cut down on fuel emission and help build a stronger community. In Somerville, New Jersey there’s a different way of getting to school. It’s called The Walking School Bus!


It has been stepping for over 10 years now. “It’s just the coolest thing!” said Susan Haynes. People who use the walking school bus say that it helps build a stronger and better community. According to


Parents, teachers, volunteers all on foot pick up kids on designated routes, on their way to school. Police officers, Firefighters, And the Somerville’s baseball team mascot participate in the walking school bus.


The school has had special days of the week including days like walk to school Wednesday and foot it Friday. One third of the student body participates in these amazing activities. According to


“It’s kind of like your driving in a real school bus, but you just walk all the way to school,” Said fifth grader Makhia Robinson.