Middle School and College Newspapers: An Interview With The Daily Aztec

Photo Courtesy of go.sdsu.edu

Photo Courtesy of go.sdsu.edu

“In the writer themselves, we look for people who are determined to write and will stick with it,” stated Monica Linzmeier, the editor in chief with the Daily Aztec at San Diego State University.

Ms. Linzmeier said that on her college newspaper staff, she is looking for students who are passionate and are determined. “You can get a lot of people refusing to talk to you and it can be draining.”

With any newspaper, there are challenges. With our newspaper, we face challenges as well, ”The biggest challenge is training new reporters and writing in authentic journalistic style, I am amazed at how well the 7th and 8th rise to challenge, I am very proud of them.” stated Mrs. Perez, The Matador Messenger adviser. Ms. Linzmeier said, “The biggest challenges the paper faces is the decline of readers on campus.”

Working on a newspaper staff also has its advantages and can be worthwhile and enjoyable. “I love being behind the scene of running a larger website and finding things out first,” stated Ms. Linzmeier.

There is a big difference from college newspapers to middle school newspapers. “For a middle school student I would also add to keep working on what you are doing,” said Ms. Linzmeier. “Plus it looks good if you’ve been with one hobby all through high school when it comes time to applying for colleges.”

A middle school newspaper is on a smaller scale but a college newspaper isn’t that far away. The two papers both have their own similarities and differences. But, if you keep with newspaper, you can go on to achieve being in the journalism career.