YHLS Varsity Baseball Coach Matt Stine: Aiming for the Playoffs

Yorba Linda High School Varsity Baseball coach, Matt Stine, will be in his 38th year coaching baseball, and is starting his 5th year at YLHS, is aiming for the playoffs.

Coach Stine’s favorite baseball team is the Colorado Rockies, but he also likes the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. His favorite player is Carl Yastrzemski. “He dedicated himself to being the best person and player on and off the field,” explained Coach Stine.  “He knew/knows how to play the LF wall at Fenway Park better than anybody around.  He knew if the ball would hit a rivet, the tin part of the monster, the wood supports, or the wood part of the monster, where it would land.”

Coach Stine is a graduate of Cypress High School, class of 1976. He then earned his Bachelor degree from Chapman University in Movement and Exercise Science. He later attended to CSUF where he received his Master’s degree in Education/Special Education.

Coach Stine has coached baseball at Chapman College for six years and Fullerton College for 9 years. After coaching at Chapman College, he became a special education teacher at El Dorado High School and worked there for 14 years before coming to YLHS. He continues coaching to this day, teaches Collaboration Algebra 1A and 1B, and is the Department chair of Special Education.

As a child, Coach Stine loved baseball. “I was an average player but loved the game,” said Coach Stine. “In the summer if I wasn’t playing ‘over the line’ we were out back of my house playing whiffle ball till it got dark.” Baseball eventually took its toll on Coach Stine in college. “Due to my average ability and knee surgery it was time to switch directions and find a way to continue baseball differently.

Coach Stine says that the players have two sayings about their seasonal goals. One of these is, “Take care of the little things and the bigger things will take care of themselves.” The second one is, “What can I do today as an individual to make the team better.” The team’s final goal for the season is to make the playoffs.

The biggest challenges for the Mustangs this season are foreseen to be becoming better on the mound. Coach Stine hopes to improve his pitching to make a stronger defense. He also wants his hitters to use the center of the field more often. Finally, he thinks his players need to slow the game down. They need to see the game pitch by pitch, out by out, and inning by inning.

Coach Stine has learned and does believe that patience is one of the most important virtues of baseball. “I have learned that, like in life, players are all different,” Coach Stine said. “I feel a good coach needs to not just teach the game, but to learn an individual player’s strengths and weakness and get that player better based on that.”