Candy Corn for Thanksgiving? Christmas? Fourth of July?

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“Manufacturers will produce more than 35 million pounds of the humble tricolored candy this year. That’s almost 9 billion pieces, reported CNN.

Although you might not taste it there is actually corn in candy corn and of course lots of sugar. Each little kernel of this candy has 7 calories.  Even though many people hate this three colored candy it still fills candy bowls every October, according to CNN.

It seems that this sweet multicolored candy is a relatively modern invention, but it dates back to the 1880’s, before the automobile and the commercial telephone.  “In the early days of the 20th century, workers cooked sugar, corn syrup, marshmallow and other ingredients into a slurry in large kettles and then poured the warm mixture by hand into cornstarch trays imprinted with the kernel shape,” stated CNN.

One of the many reasons why people hate candy corn is because it tastes like “ wax that has been mixed with way too much sugar,” stated Huffington Post. Another reason why people hate this sugar filled corn kernel is because it has more potential to cause tooth decay than regular chocolate candies stated Huffington Post.

Another fact consumers might not know about candy corn is that there is actually a proper way to eat it. Although almost half of the candy corn consumers gobble down the whole piece, 43% of consumers starts nibbling on the narrow white part of this trianglular treat. However, 10% of people start eating this treat from the yellow end up. Stated Huffington Post.

Different versions of candy corn are manufactured for  other holidays, not just Halloween.Manufacturers  now produce “Indian corn” for Thanksgiving, “Reindeer Corn” for Christmas, “Cupid Corn” for Valentines Day, “Bunny Corn” for Easter, and “Freedom Corn” for July 4, according to CNN.